December 16, 2020

Choosing the Right City Trash Can

Keeping Clean with City Trash Cans

Urban areas are some of the most difficult places to keep clean. A large number of people concentrated in one area can lead to additional litter and trash that can be extremely hazardous to the environment. The proper use and placement of city trash cans is the best way to combat this issue. There are several steps one can take to make sure their receptacles are properly equipped in order to get the most out of their city trash can.

City trash cans need to be durable, dependable and long lasting. City trash receptacles come in a variety of materials. The material used for a city trash can should reflect its surroundings. Recycled plastic or galvanized steel trash cans are ideal for city use because, unlike wooden trash cans, they will not warp, crack, chip or break from exposure to water. There materials are uncommonly strong and are built to withstand years of trouble free outdoor use. Wooden trash cans are attractive and useful, but should be reserved for indoor use, or for areas where water contact is infrequent. The material used for city trash cans should also be graffiti and vandal resistant.


The distribution of the city trash cans needs to be balanced based on population. Some trash cans are simply not large enough to accommodate the requirements of a busy city. Even a properly placed trashcan is useless if it’s overflowing with trash. Adequately furnished cities have trash cans visible from every heavily populated area. After all, a person maneuvering their way through a busy city is much more likely to drop their trash on the ground than they are to carry their trash around until they find a receptacle. City trash cans need to be located frequently enough, and in all relevant locations, in order to prevent litter, pollution and trash can overflow.


City trash cans need to be properly maintained and emptied regularly. A trash can is worthless if it isn’t properly maintained or emptied regularly. Just like improperly placed trash cans, improperly maintained city trash cans can actually cause more harm than good. An overflowing trash can will actually promote litter rather than prevent it. A city trash can with trash pouring out of the top makes the entire city look bad. It indicates to people that the city representatives don’t care about the well being of the city, so they don’t need to either. Using trash cans with liners, and easy emptying side doors, makes maintaining your city trash cans a much easier task and therefore should be considered for all city trash cans.


City trash cans need to have the proper mounting options. Since vandalism is often an issue faced by most city trash cans, portable trash cans often add to the problem rather than help prevent it. The proper mounting options need to be used to get the most out of your city trash can. Most city trash cans require permanent surface mounting because they easily attach to sidewalks and pavements. In ground mounted trash cans also have their place in the city, but aren’t found quite as often. Smaller city trash cans can sometimes be wall mounted, but these are usually best as subliminal receptacles because they are typically too small to accommodate the unique demands of a city trash receptacle.

Always use a lid for city trash cans. There are many different lid options that are ideal for city trash cans. Depending on where your city trash can is placed should help determine which city trash lid is right for you. For areas where cigarette waste is a problem, trash can lids with ashtrays are the perfect solution. They prevent cigarette butts from ending up on the ground, or in the trash can itself, preventing a potential fire hazard. The proper trash can lid can not only keep the wrong kind of trash out of the receptacle, it also helps keep trash inside. For example, areas where stray and wild animals are an issue, city trash cans with animal proof lids are a big help

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