December 16, 2020

Choosing the Right Recycling Trash Can

What are Recycling Trash Cans?

Recycling Trash Cans are trash cans specifically designed to separate recyclable materials from normal trash. They are a great way to keep the environment clean and free from litter because they promote the proper disposal of waste. What makes recycling trash cans different from regular trash cans is their ability to separate different types of trash and recyclable materials. There are many different styles of recycling trash cans, made out of many different materials, but their functionality is about the same in each. Recycling trash cans usually provide three different trash cans per unit: one for cans only, one for paper only and one for all other types of trash. This separation allows for many products, which would have otherwise ended up in landfills, to be properly recycled.

Putting recycling trash cans in your commercial location will show your guests and customers that you are doing your part to Go Green. It shows them that you care about the environment and that you are doing your best to promote recycling. And if your recycling trash can is also built out of recycled materials, it also shows that you are willing to go that extra mile to keep Mother Nature clean and protected.

Here are a few examples of the recycling trash cans from Trash Can Source:

Recycling Trash Can with Retainer Bands

These compact, fire-safe, steel-constructed recycling trash cans allow you to sort all your recyclable materials easily and conveniently. They help you protect the environment without taking up too much space. They are an attractive, functional choice for airports, malls, auditoriums, or part of any company’s recycling program. Each container comes standard with two decals. Choose from a round, 4 ¼”D, opening for cans, bottles, or glass; a slotted, 2 ¼”W x 14”L, opening for paper or newspaper; or a square, 8 ¼”sq, opening for plastic or waste. Each individual trash can is sold separately.

31-Gal. Magnum Series Fiberglass Paper Recycling Center

These recycling trash cans make it easy to separate recyclable materials from standard trash. These recycling trash cans ship complete with durable recycling labels that help distinguish the use of one recycling trash can from the next. These trash cans feature a 2-piece construction, with removable tops built to simplify the emptying process. Servicing these recycling trash cans is quick and easy: simply remove the top then remove and empty the liner. The classic style is available in a variety of sizes and matching trash or ash/trash cans are also available. Select from indoor and outdoor finishes in 37 standard colors.

44”L x 41”W x 32”H Recycling Trash can

The lid on this recycling trash can is made of spun aluminum, making it both attractive and long lasting. This product is made from Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) which looks like solid concrete but only weighs about one-third of concrete. This material is very durable and suitable for indoor or outdoor use, but ideal for applications where extreme weight is an issue like balconies or bridges. The products are designed using structural analysis and all tolerances are within 1/8” of specified dimensions. The plastic liner needed to empty this trash can is sold separately.

CanPactor Can Crusher

This hand operated compact can crusher is perfect anywhere space is limited. It crushes and self-ejects standard aluminum cans to provide additional waste storage space. Though the dimensions of the recycling trash can are only 26” H X 16” W X 22” D is it large enough to simultaneously hold up to 400 aluminum cans, once it has crushed them. This item is ideal for break rooms, school lunch rooms, cafeterias or any other area with a large number of people drinking from aluminum cans, but not a large amount of space designated for trash cans. This can crushing recycling trash can is the perfect tool to fight against excessive waste because it has the ability to immediately reduce the size of the load.

Note: Most recycling trash cans are Made-to-Order and are non-inventoried. Please allow for production time and note that many of these items are non-returnable with the exception of manufacturer’s defect.

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