December 16, 2020

Public Trash Cans

Mounting Options for Public Trash Cans

Public trash cans serve a variety of purposes. Whether they are placed in a park, near a bus stop, at a gas station or hanging on a wall, public trash cans have the ability to keep almost any public area free from environmentally harmful trash and litter. But, in order to do so, public trash cans need to be extremely strong, properly maintained and large enough to accommodate their surroundings. Because public trash cans are used both indoors and outdoors, they should also be both durable and attractive, and they should accommodate several mounting options in order to be useful in a range of locations.

Here is a breakdown of the available mounting options for public trash cans:

Wall Mounted

Wall mounted public trash can are ideal for areas where space is limited. They can be used both indoors and outdoors at almost any public location. Wall mounted trash cans are usually a bit lighter and smaller than standard public trash cans, but they last just as long and they are just as easy to maintain. Wall mounted public trash cans typically use poly trash bags to make emptying them a quick and easy task. Wall-mounted trash cans are great for use in malls, schools, outside buildings or at any other public place that can use a convenient public trash can.




In-Ground Mounted

In-ground mounted public trash cans are ideal for areas with softer ground surfaces like grass and dirt. In-ground mounted trash cans can be found in parks, at schools, in fields, in court yards and at any other location with softer ground surfaces. In-ground mounted trash cans can be found in a variety of sizes because an in-ground mount can carry the weight of even the largest and heaviest of public trash cans. However, it is important to be sure the specific in-ground mount used is equipped to fit the specific public trash can because not all in-ground mounts are created equally.




Surface Mounted

Surface mounted public trash cans are ideal for use on sidewalks or on any other solid surface. Some surface mounted trash cans come equipped with mounting options while others have to use a surface mount assembly in order to be mounted. Larger surface mount trash cans typically are mounted at the base of the receptacle where as smaller surface mount trash cans are often mounted to a pole. Surface mounts are sometimes called anchoring kits.



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